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Collin Yahn 5th grade

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Hi my name is Collin, I like to watch movies because they are entertaining and draw because it seems to come naturally for me.  My favorite food is tacos because I can crunch up Doritos with it.  I want to grow up to be an artist, actor, or athlete because they are all fun!  I also like to play basketball :)

Sorry the pic is sideways!


I made this because Gatorade didn't have a good icon.  They make good business, but I think I could get them more.  To do that, I thought of the movies that I watch, and I thought that EXPLOSIONS really catch people's attention.  EXPLOSIONS+Gatorade=BUSINESS!!!  I added the legs because I thought that just an exploding Gatorade was good, but it can't move around.  Exploding Gatorade with legs is unbeatable!

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Barbara Bridges said

at 11:09 am on Apr 25, 2014

Hi! Post your biography first so I can learn a little bit about your interests related to this project. What do you like to read? What is your favorite movie? Video game? What is your proudest accomplishment or unique thing about you? What is your favorite food . Always Explain WHY...don not just make a list!

Barbara Bridges said

at 5:07 pm on May 12, 2014

I need to see this in color. How will you go to the next step? 3-D? Pixels?

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